2020 Tax Levy Vote

2019 Tax Levy and Trustee Vote

Each year, the Library holds an election for approval of the upcoming fiscal year’s tax levy to fund the Library and to fill any vacancies on Library’s Board of Trustees.  All registered voters of the Naples Central School District are eligible to vote. Nominating Petitions for Library Board of Trustee Candidacy are available at the Naples Library upon request.

The Naples Library Board of Trustees encourages all citizens to vote “YES” for the Library Tax Levy on May 21st from 7 am to 8 pm at the Naples Central School.

Library Tax Increase 2020 Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the library currently funded?

The library is funded primarily by the Naples School District taxes.  The library also has an endowment that can be used to cover operating costs if the need arises; however, this fund is used for large capital improvements to the Naples Library building and for the ongoing support of our organization.

Why is the library asking for an increase at this time?

Since becoming a school district library in 2007, the Naples Library has asked for two tax increases in 2018 and 2019, both approved by the taxpayers of Naples School District. Factors for the increase are due to increased personnel and building maintenance, improvement costs and aligns with the library’s Strategic Plan to achieve balanced funding (the Library’s budget also includes income from other sources including grants, gifts, interest and Library fees. Such income is not subject to the vote.) Our expenses are growing as a consequence of state minimum wage increases, the rise in cost of lending materials, increased technology needs, inflation, and the continuous upkeep of an aging building.

How will this affect my school tax?

Very minimally.  The average homeowner in the Naples School District will see an increase of 12% on their school taxes this year, which means $36.82 of your tax dollars for the upcoming year goes to fund the Naples Library.

Who uses the library?

Residents of the Naples Central School District. There are approximately 2,400 registered borrowers.

How will this vote impact others libraries in the area?

The money raised by this tax increase will support only the Naples Library.

Will additional library tax requests be made in the future?

It is likely that additional increases will be requested. Personnel and other costs continue to climb. State mandated personnel costs will gradually increase approximately 20 percent over the next two years. Funding sources may change in the future. Since becoming a school district library in 2007 taxes have increased twice which has helped to get us closer to our close of creating a balanced budget.

What will happen if the vote is not passed?

If the referendum is not approved, the Board of Trustees of the Naples Library will need to make difficult decisions about services, materials, programs such as:

  • Cutting back hours of operation due to limited staffing
  • Decreasing the materials budget, resulting in fewer new materials being purchased
  • Reduced services and educational opportunities for children, teens, and adults
  • Continued depreciation of the library’s endowment
  • Cost increase in services such as copies, faxes, programs

What changes will be made if the vote is passed?

  • Ensuring that the library remains available at the most convenient times and is appropriately staffed
  • Providing the most up-to-date technology for patron use
  • Allowing the Board of Trustees to approve building maintenance and improvement for safety, accessibility, and efficiencies
  • Providing resources and materials for new education opportunities for patrons of all ages

With the popularity of the Internet and digital resources, is the library being used less often?

Families continue to come to the library to introduce their children to books and participate in activities like story time, summer reading program, and other educational classes. Older children, teens and adults use the library for study, tutoring, book borrowing, book clubs, computer use, classes and programs, play and more. Many community residents depend on the library for reliable internet access. Community organizations use various library spaces for meetings and gatherings.  Library patrons who borrow digital media use their library cards to check out materials. Funding for this e-content comes from the library budget.

Why does the library allow people outside the school district to obtain library cards and use its services? Why should my tax dollars be used to support this outside use?

As a member of the Pioneer Library System (PLS), Naples Library shares services and collections with 41 other libraries in Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming and Livingston counties. By participating in this shared cooperative system, every library, including Naples, has access to more materials, vital services including the OWWL online catalog, OWWL2Go digital collection, genealogy and language databases, and free interlibrary loans on materials from libraries within the Pioneer Library System.