Strategic Plan

Naples Library Long Range Plan 2018-2021


The Naples Library Strategic Planning process took place from December 2017 to March 2018. During that time, the library conducted three separate community focus groups, sought community input through a questionnaire, conducted interviews with community leaders, and hosted a board retreat for library trustees. The information gathered during these activities aided the Naples Library’s Planning Committee to identify the following three primary goals that the library will focus on over the next four years (2018-2021):

Physical Space: Increasing the Accessibility and Functionality of the Library

Financial Requirements: Planning the Future Funding of the Library

Address Under-served Populations in the Community: Focus on School-aged children and teens in Naples


The mission of the Naples Library is to provide all residents of its service area with a wide variety of resources, materials, technologies and programs in order to increase the knowledge of our community, satisfy curiosity and create young readers.


1) Physical Space – Increasing the Accessibility and Functionality of the Library

Project Leader: Library Director and Building Committee

Purpose: The community and library board are concerned about ADA compliance within the library. The lower level of the building is not accessible which leads to underused spaces and potential safety issues. Create a master plan for the addition of an elevator and improved lower level entrance in conjunction with a long-term plan for major capital improvement projects.

Measurement: Approval of a realistic master plan and maintenance plan for the physical needs of the library.

Action steps:

  • Action Step One–Form a building committee comprised of library trustees.
  • Action Step Two–Hire/obtain a consultant to develop a master plan for future renovations to the Library focused on current library services and structural limitations of the building.
  • Action Step Three–Evaluate current hours with a focus on consistency and community convenience.
  • Action Step Four– Create a maintenance plan to address immediate and future building and grounds needs.
  • Action Step Five –Once the master plan and maintenance plan are in place apply for a construction grant.2) Identify a Clear Financial Plan for the Library–Planning the Future Funding of the Library

    Project Leader: Library Director, Library Board of Trustees, Finance Committee

    Purpose: The Library is facing substantial increases in yearly expenses due to minimum wage, an aging building, and cost increases for essential services. Future expenses may include large- scale capital projects associated with the proposed master plan.

    Measurement: Development and implementation of a funding strategy and communications plan.

    Action steps:

  • Action Step One–Develop the library’s five-year budget projects to assist in developing the financial plan of the library.
  • Action Step Two–Based on increases in the minimum wage and other planned cost increases, develop and commit to a Library Tax Levy Increase Strategy to achieve balanced funding.
  • Action Step Three–Determine sources of additional revenue streams in conjunction with Pioneer Library System, Naples Central School District, and Naples Library Endowment
  • Action Step Four: Continue to pursue grant opportunities
  • Action Step Five: Support the establishment of The Friends of the Naples Library to support fundraising efforts
  • Action Step Six–Create a communications/marketing/advocacy plan to increase community support for future financial needs of the library.3) Address Under-served Populations in the Community: School-Aged Children and Teens in Naples

    Project Leader: Library Director and Library Board of Trustees

    Purpose: Support lifelong learning for school-aged children, and teens through services, collections, and programming
    Measurement: Create a Teen space, improve services and education for youth through yearlong services that compliment individual school choices (public, private or home.)

    Action steps:

  • Action Step One– Increase engagement with school-aged children by expanding the relationship with the Naples School District. Increase after school programming targeting school-aged children to include at least one program a week.
  • Action Step Two – Plan and create a teen space with input from teens on design, furniture, equipment.
  • Action Step Three– Empower teens to become civically involved while offering a unique space with tech-focused and hands-on programming to engage teens
  • Action Step Three– Start and maintain a library summer free lunch program starting in July 2018