Art Exhibits

Clint Simmons


Clint Simmons is a local Naples artist. He graduated from Naples High School in 1993 and currently lives and works in Canandaigua. Most of his artwork is mixed-media abstract collages created by gluing scraps of colored paper together and using ink, marker, and acrylic paint to draw features and designs. He finds inspiration from years of studying theology, philosophy, and psychology.

Larkin & Trevor Photography


Larkin and Trevor are wedding photographers serving Naples and the surrounding region. Both natives to the Canandaigua Lake area, much of their inspiration is drawn from local landscapes, and they first discovered their love for photography by capturing the night sky and natural world here at home.

Mike Griffin


Mike Griffin’s passion for ceramics began when he was exposed to the great potters and artistic environment of Alfred University. As a golf professional he found Himself with lots of time in the winter and taught himself how to throw pots by watching YouTube videos and through lots of trial and error. Around Naples Mike is know best as the golf pro at Reservior Creek but his true passion is creating unique functional pieces in clay during the off season. He sells his pieces in a few galleries around the state and looks forward to retiring to be a full time potter!