Art Exhibits


Paul Mitchel             Dahlia Elizabeth Wist                   Peter Blackwood

Featured Artists – Dahlia Elizabeth Wist and Paul Mitchel.

Dahlia Elizabeth Wist has studied and produced art since she was a child. She’s been making abstract paintings and mixed media collages since 1996. In this showing, Dahlia uses a pour and flow technique to create paintings that celebrate elements and forms in nature. She relays this technique to wood backdrops in her mixed media plaques, with scrap metal or hardware in the foreground.

Paul Mitchel has been involved with photography long enough to see the transition from a silver based process to the digital world of today. As a much younger man he studied photography at a school in Sacramento, California. Paul then operated a portrait, wedding and commercial studio here in the Finger Lakes Region for several years. Following that, he embarked on a career in Nursing while maintaining his interest in photography. Paul retired in 2018 after over thirty years as a Nurse Practitioner. As a lifelong resident of Middlesex, the hills, lakes, and farmland are ingrained in his psyche. He is currently exploring perspective and abstraction while recording the beauty of landscapes.

Permanent Installation – Peter Blackwood, photography. Peter is best known for his nature, landscape, event, wedding, and portrait photographs.