Have you ever read a Dan Brown book or The 39 clues or been watching a National Treasure movie and thought to yourself, “I could do that!”, or “That would be so much FUN!”  Well, now is your chance.  This summer as part of our summer reading program the Naples Library will be running our first ever town-wide Treasure Hunt.  The hunt will begin on June 23rd at 7pm with a meeting at the Library where all participating teams will be given the rules and their first clue (if you can’t make it to the meeting but would like to play you can pick up your clue at the Library any time thereafter).  The clues will be challenging, so we are encouraging participants to be 13 or older and to work in teams of two to four, but lone players are always welcome. The hunt will consist of 13 clues that will grow a bit more difficult with each round.  You will have until August 9th (National Book Lovers Day) to complete the hunt, and while the “treasure” for this hunt isn’t tangible, you will win the opportunity to spend quality time with your teammates while gallivanting around the beautiful village of Naples and stretching your mental muscles with some challenging clues.  The first team to complete the hunt will be interviewed for the prestigious Neapolitan Record, and all the teams that finish will get their names printed under that story.  So, just to get you warmed up, here is a nice easy one: / / / 6.21.14

To pre-register your team, or if you have any questions call the Library at 374-2757.